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Pick Your Poison in AZ:  Join the Border Militia or Help Pay for the Fence

Pick Your Poison in AZ:  Join the Border Militia or Help Pay for the Fence

Photo: Crazy Arizona

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UPDATE:  Border fence donation website brings in $39,000 in the first 17 hours according to AZ Senate Republicans that created the initiative.

If you are still wondering where to go this summer or have extra cash lying around, Arizona is the place to be.  Don’t let the stifling heat, oppressive mind set or white militia also known as the Republican legislature keep you away – they have a lot going on as of Wednesday, July 19th – that is when numerous new laws went into effect.

Now thanks to Governor Jan Brewer, Senator Russell Pearce and other Republicans you can pick your poison from joining a volunteer border militia, donate money to build 82 miles of border fence, enjoy the Colt revolver as the official state gun or buy some Tea Party license plates for your pickup truck.

Who says the nearly bankrupt state doesn’t have its priorities straight and is heading in the wrong direction?  Thank God it doesn’t have a fence around IT so that businesses and sane people can continue to flee. 

ImageThe online state sponsored fundraising website hopes to raise $50 million for a yet to be defined border fence.  You know Arizona: high on idealogues, low on details and very low on practicality.  More importantly it will give you the altruistic feeling that you are helping keep out undocumented immigrants and a certificate that tells you so.  And to show how fiscally conservative Jan Brewer is, she plans on using inmates as the labor force.  Jan, FYI the U.S. government says it cost $1-$3 M for each mile of fence built so that puts the project at a big deficit you know kind of like your state budget.

I hate interjecting common sense in situations ruled by insanity. However, wouldn’t it have been a better idea to fund raise for education or health care, budgets that has been severely cut.  Oh wait, you probably want every one dumb and dumber so you can keep getting a stellar pool of political candidates elected, got it.

However, you guys appear to have all your bases covered if you don’t get enough donations for the fence or others see it for what it is – distraction from real issues.  Your governor now has the power to create a volunteer border militia.  Will they be armed with the state’s new official gun, I wonder? Or are you assuming they are armed and ready since you recently passed a law allowing anyone to carry a concealed weapon without a permit?

ImageThough these folks here aren’t completely prehistoric and insensitive in their thinking, its not like they made the semiautomatic pistol the official state gun, the very one that was used at the Gabby Gifford shooting. And why the hell do you even need an official state gun that’s actually manufactured in Connecticut?

If you are interested in joining, you do have to be a U.S. citizen, which appears to be the only qualification to hunt down other human beings.  I stand corrected you have to be a ‘capable’ U.S. citizen which thankfully rules out most of the elected officials here and the oblivious retirees who are more concerned about a tee time than what the tea party is doing to the state.

Again no need for common sense to interject here since it always loses out to fear mongering.  But FYI in the most recent comprehensive border violence study it showed that since 1998 Arizona cities within 30 miles of the Mexican border have the lowest crime rate in the state.  That of course might change with the militia and crazies carrying around concealed weapons.

And finally if the border fence fails to materialize or the militia fails to form, no worries the state will raise enough money with the newly minted Tea Party license plates available for sale which in turn should solve all the state’s problems.  Right??