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Latino State News

COMMUNITY ALERT: Deceptive Practice: Fraud/Confidence Game Targeting Senior Citizens

Senior Citizen Residents of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 22nd Districts should be aware of Deceptive Practice: Fraud/Confidence Games occurring in their area.

About This Crime

Offenders gain entry by ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door and giving various false reasons for entry, including that they are new neighbors, utility employees (water department, electric company, gas company), tree cutters, and/or construction contractors who need to make repairs to the electric wires, water lines, or other property. Once inside offenders keep the victim busy by distraction while other offenders search for property to take.

About The Offender

·    2-3 male white or white Hispanics

·  Ages: 30-50 years old

·  The offenders are described as “heavy build”, with dark hair color, wearing dark colored construction type clothing.

·  The vehicles used by the offenders are described as a black SUV, a Minivan and a pick up truck.

What You Can Do

·  Be aware of this situation and alert your neighbors

·  Call 911 to report any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity in your area

·  Write down vehicle information, plate, color etc.

·  Call 311, identify yourself as a Senior Citizen who needs to verify a city worker was sent your home.

·  Do not allow unexpected service people or city workers into your home

·  Always request identification from all workers