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Latino State News

25th Ward Aldermanic Race to Go to Another Run Off on Tuesday, April 5th

The 25th ward that encompasses most of the Pilsen neighborhood will have another run-off election to selects its alderman this upcoming Tuesday, April 5.  Current Alderman Danny Solis failed to obtain 50% of the ward votes needed to avoid the 2nd run-off election.  Solis garnered 48.9% of the vote, his challenger Cuauhtemoc “Temoc” Morfin obtained 27.9% and the third challenger Ambrosio Medrano Jr earned 23.1%

Alderman Solis remains committed to growing the wards economy and obtaining more favorable housing, both issues very popular with area residents.  More importantly he wants to build another high school in the area and have part of the ward designated a creative arts district, with more galleries and studios. 

Solis fiercest opponent is Morfin who is a community activist that has run against Solis before and lost.  Morfin ran against Solis in 2007 and continues to argue for term limits for alderman.  He believes Solis has been in the office way too long.  In addition he is pledging 25% of his salary, if elected, for area scholarships and educational programs.