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Latino Daily News

Friday June 8, 2012

Orphaned Elephants from Namibia Make it to New Home in Mexico

A group of 9 elephants from Namibia are enjoying their new home in Mexico.

The African elephants were orphans after their parents were killed by ivory hunters and range in age from 4 to 9.

The orphans were likely to be euthanised by Namibian rangers, as they were having trouble finding them a permanent home.

Luckily, Mexico’s Africam Safari Zoo, the zoo with the largest population in Latin AMerica, was able to fight through the red tape, and after a 40-hour trip, the elephants are in their new home. Africam was not the only zoo looking to take the elephants, however.

“It was very complex. There were many countries who were interested in participating in this rescue and only Africam Safari got it. It was a race against time, we had to do very complex logistical operations, negotiations with the governments of Namibia and Mexico. We achieved it with willpower, we got the support of an airline so we could bring this large, valuable cargo,” Africam Safari Zoo Development told Reuters.

For now, the nine elephants are under careful observation by medics, but they will hopefully be moved to a much bigger enclosure in the near future.