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Latino Daily News

Monday August 6, 2012

Occupy Wall Street and Others to Protest Against Carlos Slim’s ‘Monopoly’ in Mexico

Occupy Wall Street and Others to Protest Against Carlos Slim’s ‘Monopoly’ in Mexico

Photo: Carlos Slim Protests Planned in NYC

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New York City community leaders and Occupy Wall Street gathered today to announce joining the growing coalition – Two Countries One Voice—in protest of Carlos Slim’s monopolistic practices.

Organizers noted:

“Carlos Slim is taking his model he created in Mexico that was built on the backs of the poor charging excessively high prices and providing inadequate service to countries across Latin America and Europe,” said Juan Jose Gutierrez, one of the leaders of Two Countries One Voice and the President of Vamos Unidos USA. “We’re here today to say enough is enough. We’re here today to shine a glaring light on the damage monopolies can have on a country and a people.”

“We are calling on the American public to join our efforts and stop shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue as a demonstration of opposition to Carlos Slim’s exploitation of the Mexican poor,” continued Gutierrez.

“Carlos Slim’s actions have slowed the growth of the Mexican economy to a crawl. His business practices have made it difficult for millions of people to climb out of poverty, all while he lines his own pockets. He is a corporate monopolist who has taken advantage of our hardworking Mexican brothers and sisters, acquiring his wealth while severely handicapping Mexico’s economic development. We can no longer allow Slim’s empire to spread while the people of Mexico continue to hurt. His practices cannot be tolerated. I am proud to join and stand behind this effort,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.

“Slim’s practices are like a virus - they continue to spread and multiply causing harm every where it goes,” added Aaron Black with Occupy Wall Street. “We can’t ignore him, he is aggressively growing his empire and we need to say no more.”

This announcement follows a large protest at George Washington University’s graduation where Slim was recognized in May. Supporters of Two Countries One Voice came together to stand up against Slim’s practices.

The coalition promises it will continue to protest American institutions and companies that have relationships with Slim.

According to the January 2012 Organizations for Co-operation and Development (OECD) study, Carlos Slim has price-gouged Mexican customers a total of $13.4 billion from 2005 to 2009 for basic telephone and Internet service.

The impact of Carlos Slim’s ‘monopoly’ has resulted in Mexico ranking LAST in public investment in telecommunications compared with the 33 other OECD countries while Slim’s company Telemex had a profit margin of 47% - one of the highest of the OECD countries.