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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 21, 2012

Mario Lopez Gains Fragrance Line, Complete With Deodorant and Aftershave

Mario Lopez Gains Fragrance Line, Complete With Deodorant and Aftershave

Photo: Mario Lopez

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BOLDFACE Group, Inc., a Nevada corporation in the business of licensing top tier entertainment, celebrity and designer brands for opportunities in the beauty market, is pleased to announce that it has signed Mario Lopez in the category of fragrance. The license includes scented ancillary products such as deodorant, aftershave, shave cream, bath gel, body wash, body sprays, body lotions and body creams.

It is a clear progression to move into fragrance in the same channels of distribution as Mario’s Rated M Underwear and Athletic Clothing, with cross marketing campaigns and fragrance sampling. An initial launch of Eau de Toilette Spray is planned with follow up in Shave Cream, After Shave Splash, and other ancillary products. Gift sets containing these items for Holiday are planned.

Mario Lopez occupies the remarkable position of being adored by females who want to be more than just a friend, and respected by males, who want to be his buddy. Mario’s good looks put him solidly in the dreamboat category but his personal warmth and humor give him an approachable quality that is instantly likeable.  Mario’s direct contact with his audience through social medial and daily television appearances will translate to a large potential audience for fragrance sales due to these factors.

The Fragrance business for Latin males is one of the most vital and influential segments of the global market. The purchasing power is divided between males and females, which promises to perform extremely well for Mario Lopez, with a fan base of both men and women. The timing is ideal for Mario Lopez to represent the heartbeat of Latino males for fragrances, much the same as Antonio Banderas has done very successfully in the past. For a more youthful audience, it is time to pass the torch.