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Latino Daily News

Friday April 20, 2012

Jon Secada Looks Back at His Legacy with “Otra vez”

Jon Secada Looks Back at His Legacy with “Otra vez”

Photo: Jon Secada Looks Back at His Legacy with "Otra vez"

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Twenty years after he began his career as a performer, Jon Secada is returning to the music scene with “Otra vez,” an album on which he offers unreleased compositions and reestablishes his legacy as a bridge between the traditional melodies of the generation of Julio Iglesias and the modern one of the latter’s son Enrique.

On “Otra vez” (Blanco y Negro Music), which is already on store shelves, the Cuban-born artist includes, as a sort of “reminder” for new followers of his career, a remix of the song with which he established his international standing, “Just Another Day” (“Otro dia mas sin verte”).

“It was the first of many (hits),” the 49-year-old Secada said Thursday in an interview with Efe during his promotional visit to Madrid.

About the new album, his 12th, he said that it’s a work “of Latino pop, specifically in Spanish” and fusing all that he likes: pop, rock, R&B and aspects of the Latino genre.

However, it’s just an appetizer for what he will come out with before 2013, a possible tour through Spain and a commemorative album on which he will include more original songs and some of his big hits, as well as a surprising collaboration with Cyndi Lauper.

“At the beginning of the (19)90s, I had the good fortune to be part of a movement with so much history, as crossover was,” recalled Secada about the generation of Latino artists that included Gloria Estefan, Jose Feliciano and Julio Iglesias, among others, who made it big by singing in both English and Spanish.