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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 19, 2011

Dominican Republic Bans “Calle 13” Songs

Dominican Republic Bans “Calle 13” Songs

Photo: calle 13 banned in Dominican Republic

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The government alleges that the Grammy winning Puerto Rican duo’s lyrics incite violence, objectify women and promote drug use.

Dominican Republic’s Public Spectacle Commission member Carlos Cepeda Suriel told Inter News Service said Dominican radio listeners and TV viewers should “get the purest music.”

“We are jealously vigilant in the defense of our country against contamination from the ills in certain songs,” he said. “What sounds bad, what does not please the Dominican ear, we will not allow that to be played by Dominican broadcasters.”

The ban means these songs can’t be played on radio, TV or any public event or show in Domincan Republic soil.

The Commission said the ban came in response to the petitions of NGO “Vida sin Violencia,” and other institutions that offer aid to mistreated women, who see in the band’s songs negative messages for children.

René, singer of Calle 13 reacted to the ban via Twitter posting “What can you expect of a government that won’t give even a 4% for education despite their people beg for it?”

Calle 13 will perform in Dominican Republic August 6th.