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Latino Daily News

Monday January 10, 2011

‘Dictionary of Americanisms’ Identifies All Words Used in Latin America, Even Spanglish

If you are trying to figure out the different versions of Spanish spoken in the Americas as well as the U.S. here’s a book for you:  ‘Diccionario de Americanismos’.

The 2,600-page mega-dictionary includes the different uses of a word amongst different countries; it includes profane words and colloquiums of all Latin American countries.  Interestingly it also includes words created in the U.S. known as Spanglish. 

While 80 percent of Spanish is commonly shared in Latin America and Spain the rest is unique to that country.  For example there’s the Caribbean word chin (little bit), where Ecuador’s version is chine (annoying) and Mexico’s chinaco (poorly dressed).

So for $89.99 you can find out all the Peruvianisms, Mexicanisms, etc… you need to make it through the day.