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Sunday May 15, 2011

Colombia Mourns Senseless Murder of Beloved University Chaplain, Killed For His Cell Phone

Colombia Mourns Senseless Murder of Beloved University Chaplain, Killed For His Cell Phone

Photo: "Minutos de Dios" University Chaplain Killed in Colombia

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The Eudista priest, father Gustavo Garcia, 34, Chaplain of the University “Minuto de Dios”, was murdered in Bogotá by an individual who attacked him to steal his mobile phone, as confirmed by the Episcopal Conference of Colombia.

In a statement from the “Minuto de Dios”, signed by the Provincial Superior Fr. Guillermo Acero, states that Father Gustavo García Bohórquez died on Thursday, May 12 at 6.30pm. “Father Gustavo was waiting for the bus on road 68, to go and look after a patient; he was talking on the phone when a criminal surprised and robbed him, and badly injured him with a knife. He was transported to the Colombia Clinic, in Colsánitas, unfortunately he arrived in critical conditions and died shortly after.”

Father Gustavo Garcia was born on September 21, 1976 in Bogotá. After participating in prayer groups, he had entered the Congregation of Jesus and Mary on April 16, 2005. He studied philosophy at the ‘University’ Minuto de Dios ” and theology at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. He was ordained a priest on March 31, 2007

Since July 2010 he was engaged with the Association “El Minuto de Dios”.  He was chaplain of the University Minuto de Dios in Bogotá and assistant to the youth community of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Even the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, noted this tragic event:

“A murder has been committed that has deeply affected all of us Colombians: the killing of the Chaplain of the University Minuto de Dios (Father Gustavo Garcia Bohorquez), which occurred in Bogota. Apparently he was killed for a cell phone. I of course condemn this murder. Father (Diego) Jaramillo, who is the director of El Minuto de Dios, this morning, in an act of spiritual nobility, said that he has forgiven the murderers. I admire the noble spirit and I know that it belongs to the divine law, but I am subject to the Colombian law and the law of the land. So I want to announce that these murderers must feel the full weight of the law. I have already told the police to offer a reward and to look into the matter so as to bring the Chaplain’s murderer or murderers to trial. “