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Latino Daily News

Wednesday July 28, 2010

BREAKING NEWS:  Judge Susan Bolton Rules on SB1070 BLOCKING Key Portions

Judge Susan Bolton, has stricken down and put on hold the most controversial elements of Arizona SB1070 in her ruling just released on the lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice and heard last week.  Most importantly, law enforcement WILL NOT BE ABLE to question anyone suspected of being in this country illegally as a result of the Judge’s injunction.  The Judge put on hold certain sections hence the “temporary injunction” until the issues are resolved by higher courts when the expected appeals are filed.  Judge Bolton did not rule on the seven lawsuits brought against Arizona by civic organizations, that were also heard last week.

The other controversial elements of SB 1070 delineated as violating personal liberty and imposing on the U.S. government ability to create immigration law were also struck down.  The ability to charge someone with a crime for not carrying appropriate documentation was struck down; the ability to charge someone with a crime for soliciting for employment was struck down and the ability to pursue warrantless arrests was also struck down.  All of this leaves SB1070 without a lot of bit,  nonetheless, SB1070 and the parts that were not stricken down will still go into effect tomorrow. 

Judge Bolton recognized the likelihood that “officers [would] wrongfully arrest legal resident aliens under the new (law)” echoing want many Hispanic-Americans feel.



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