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Latino Daily News

Thursday November 14, 2013

Blog del Narco: Showdown in Torreon Leaves Three Dead

Blog del Narco: Showdown in Torreon Leaves Three Dead

Photo: Murder in Torreon

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Three men were killed and two others wounded when gunfire erupted from a passing car. The victims were having a drink outside a deserted farm in the colony.

These events occurred around 12:30 pm on the outside of a building located across the street number 1446 Danube River in the colony Cupcakes, north-east of Torreon. The police were mobilized with a call that shots had been fired shot that wounded several individuals who are intoxicated in public. Florentino Huereca Casas, 46 years old, was reported as one of the victims and a resident in the area, He died of gunshot wounds to the head. . At the The University Hospital, Thomas Adame died as well as Roberto Llamas Arambula, of which the age was not known. As for the wounded, they were identified as Paul, 32, Eulalio 50, both are reported to be stable condition. On the site authorities collected 17 caps 9 mm, the perpetrators of the attack were subjects who arrived aboard a yellow compact car.

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