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SundayJuly 18, 2010

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Bloody Sunday Leaves 17 Party Goers in Mexico Dead

A Sunday afternoon birthday party turned bloody and deadly when machine gun toting assailants sprayed bullets in a town recreation center.  Torreon, located in northern Mexico, in the state of Coahuila, was the scene of the bloody rampage that left 17 dead and 10 injured.

Young adults were in attendance at the party, when the gunmen barged in without saying a word.  The police have not apprehended anyone but believe drug gangs are to blame even though they are not saying how the victims might be related to drug activity. 

This killing adds to the 26,000 individuals that have already died since President Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels of his country. 
Coahuila borders Texas and has been the scene of other drug related murders for its proximity to key drug trafficking corridors. 

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BRAZIL: Emerging Leader In World Aid

Brazil is quietly making a name for it self on the world stage as one of the largest international aid donors - quietly, because few know about it and because Brazil isn’t bragging.  Most recently Brazil established one of the larger post-quake social programs in Haiti: bring your child to school and we will feed the family for free.  It has its humanitarian hand in just about everything and its wallet open wide on the global need-scene.

The new “diplomats of generosity” are building the majority of Angola’s water supply systems, it’s providing $3.3 billion in commercial loans to developing nations, Oh, and then there is the $100million for the United Nations Development Program.  Brazil has surpassed China and is soon to be the largest provider of help to poor nations. 

Cynics think Brazil, that has not been as quiet about its desire to gain a seat on the UN’s Security Council, is motivated by it.  Others especially those at home feel the monies would be better used to serve the poor in Brazil and there are many.  Whatever the reason the developing world is all-to-pleased since other nations removed themselves from the world stage due to the global crisis and most importantly Brazil does not impose as many conditions on their aid as Western powers tend do. 

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State Department Renews Travel Warning to Mexico

The Department of State has issued another Travel Warning to inform U.S. citizens traveling to and living in Mexico about the security situation in Mexico, superseding the warning of May 6, 2010.  The updated alert warns against any travel to Cuidad Juarez unless essential as a result of the high level of drug-related violence.  There is also heightened travel alerts to the northern states of Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas which have suffered from the split over violence in nearby Juarez. 

A rise in car-jackings and illegal roadblocks in the Monterrey metropolitan area and on highways leading from Monterrey are being warned against and to be avoided if at all possible. For a compete copy of the July 16, 2010 Travel warning go to the U.S. State Department website.

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Estados Unidos Renueva Alerta de Viaje a Mexico

El Gobierno de Estados Unidos renovó hoy la alerta de viaje para los estadunidenses que deseen visitar o residan en México debido al alto nivel de violencia en el país, especialmente en la zona fronteriza.

El Departamento de Estado de EU afirmó que aunque la mayoría de las víctimas son mexicanos vinculados con actividades delictivas, existen “riesgos serios” también para los estadunidenses.

Como ya había hecho en su alerta de mayo, el Gobierno renovó el permiso para que vuelvan a EU los familiares de los funcionarios de sus consulados en Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juárez, Monterrey, Matamoros y Nuevo Laredo, cuyas oficinas fueron atacadas con explosivos el pasado abril.

Además, prohibió a sus funcionarios que se desplacen en automóvil en viajes oficiales desde Estados Unidos hasta su lugar de trabajo en México, a menos que sea una localidad fronteriza, debido al elevado número de robos y tiroteos en las carreteras.

Tampoco pueden coger taxis en la calle en la Ciudad de México, sino que están obligados a contratarlos en paradas establecidas.

El Departamento de Estado explicó que el nivel de violencia es menor en lugares turísticos y aconsejó a los visitantes estadunidenses no salir de esas zonas.

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Universal Health Care For ALL of Peru

Peru is ready to roll out its massive Universal Health Care program known as the “Aseguramiento Universal en Salud” (AUS) in certain areas of the country starting with Lima and Callao.  The universal health care program was approved by the government in April and will provide free health care for those who are unable to pay and a tiered co-payment system for those that have some ability to pay.  The first phase will insure 4 million uninsured people, of the 29 million country inhabitants, under the existing national health-care system.

The next step of the program will extend AUS coverage to the poorest regions of the country that include the Amazonian inhabitants and regions predominantly Indian.  Approximately 34% of the country lives at poverty level and death from child birth is one of the highest in the world.  President Alan Garcia and other health ministers attended the health-care launch ceremony and were humbled by the enormity of this legislation noting it as “revolutionary.

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L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Tumbles & Falls, On His Bike That Is

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was cut off on his bike Saturday evening on Venice Boulevard in California and tumbled off and broke his elbow.  Reportedly a taxi cab abruptly pulled in front forcing the Mayor to brake suddenly causing the fall.

There are over 500,000 people treated in emergency rooms for bike accidents with more than 700 dying annually.  Los Angeles biking enthusiasts have been pressing the city for more bicycle only lanes because of the encroachment of vehicles, garbage and debris on the existing paths.  The Mayor who has been overly responsive to the request might be a bit more receptive next time around.  It is unknown if the taxi driver was cited for veering into a bike only lane.  The Mayor was on the mend after being taken to UCLA Medical Center.

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Quedan sólo 9 áreas protegidas en el Distrito Federal

Al Distrito Federal le quedan nueve áreas naturales. La urbanización le ganó finalmente espacio a la flora y fauna representativas del Valle de México. Bosques, parques urbanos y nacionales, zonas protegidas y suelos de conservación sucumbieron tras décadas de crecimiento desmedido de la mancha urbana.

“Hemos venido perdiendo a través del crecimiento de la mancha urbana sitios que hace más de 150 años estaban intactos. Desafortunadamente ya sólo nos quedan pequeños espacios que como el Desierto de los Leones, las Cumbres del Ajusco se han venido conservando”, admitió Luis Fueyo Mac Donald, titular de la Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (CONANP).

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Major Fugitive Drug Kingpin Captured in Puerto Rico

The very elusive and dangerous, Jose Figueroa Agosto, was captured in Puerto Rico as he was trying to give authority’s the slip again.  Agosto had been on a lot of people’s most wanted list and had been evading capture for a decade, even escaping from a Puerto Rican jail in 1999 after forging release papers.  Agosto had been serving a 209-year sentence for murder when he escaped.  He is considered the most wanted man in the Dominican Republic but will remain in the U.S. to serve his murder charge.

The 45-year has been dubbed the “Pablo Escobar” of the Caribbean and is wanted on charges of kidnapping, money laundering, drug trafficking and murder charges.  In spite of his lengthy list of criminal enterprises he has made time for love.  His equally infamous lover, Sobeida Morel, is also a mosted wanted fugitive.  Both have been implicated in shipping drugs from Colombia to the U.S. via Puerto Rico. 

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Calling all aspiring Richard Petty’s and Jeff Gordon’s out there.  The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), “Drive for Diversity Initiative” is accepting applications from experienced drivers for the 2011 race season.  This will mark the eighth season for the innovative NASCAR program that seeks to provide opportunities for minority and female drivers to compete in NASCAR competition.  If a driver is capable and winning he can on go to compete in the NASCAR development circuit where new talent is recruited.

To further their efforts to seek minority race car driver’s NASCAR announced today it is teaming up with the Black Entertainment Televtion (BET) Networks to showcase “Changing Lanes” a new docu-series showing what its takes to become a NASCAR driver.  Keep in mind that NASCAR is the second biggest sport in the U.S. only behind football.

If a driver’s application is accepted they get to showcase their skills before a panel of motor sports expert and if chosen its START YOUR ENGINES and get ready to go nearly 200 miles an hour in a 3,400-pound stock car.  This program has already yielded impressive results with Darrell Wallace, Jr. becoming the youngest driver and first African American to win a race in NASCAR K&N Pro Series East. 

For all of you speed loving demons visit theNASCAR Drive for Diversity

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Tornado in Puerto Rico Delays Start of Caribbean games- Injures 5

Tornado in Puerto Rico Delays Start of Caribbean games- Injures 5

Photo: ccarlstead via Flickr

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Five people were injured as the Tornado hit the Olympic Stadium in the western town of Mayaguez. Just hours before 31 nations were scheduled to begin the competition.  People who had already arrived at the stadium were evacuated. “The wind was like something out of a movie,” said the president of the Games organizing committee, Felipe Perez.
Opening ceremonies were rescheduled for today.

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SundayJuly 18, 2010