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Bohme Boutique Has Made the Inc. 500

Bohme Boutique Has Made the Inc. 500

Photo: Bohme Boutique Has Made the Inc. 500

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After only 4 years in business, sisters Fernanda and Vivien Bohme have realized one of their dreams: creating a company that not only made it into the Inc. 500, set to make $16M this year, but is also in the Top 10 Women Owned Businesses in America.

Vivien and Fernanda Bohme, two sisters from Rio de Janeiro, first opened a temporary Bohme Boutique in Fashion Place Mall for the holidays in 2007. They were aiming to sell clothing around the idea of “sexy modesty” aimed at Mormon women. “When we opened our shop, everybody but Mormons came, a Playboy bunny came, all sorts of dancers,” Vivien Bohme said. “Of course, LDS people would come, but it wasn’t enough.” They had the sexy part down, but the rest of the concept wasn’t working. That’s when the Bohme sisters noticed when they displayed denim, “it would fly out of the store,” so they adjusted their strategy to focus on sexy modest denims and tees. Today, Bohme Boutique has over 16 physical locations mainly focused in the Mid West regions, with heavy focus in Utah.

With plans to have 40 stores open nationwide by 2014, Vivien and Fernanda Bohme plan to stay on the Inc. 500 list, and continue proving that Women Owned Businesses are a huge part of America’s economy.

Bohme Boutique first opened their doors in the fall of 2007 at Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah. They have since grown to 15 locations with stores in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and South Dakota. With a focus on denim, skirts, tops and jewelry, Bohme Boutique is a modern, feminine shabby-chic retailer with a touch of rustic.