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Narco Blog: 13 Year Old Found Executed in Acapulco

Narco Blog: 13 Year Old Found Executed in Acapulco

Photo: Murder in Acapulco

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Residents of Barrio del Pozo de la Nation, in Acapulco, Guerrero, panicked at approximately 7:00 pm yesterday when they heard heavy explosions that caused alarm. Elements of the Municipal Police received a report of gunshots and rushed to the scene.  At the base of the altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a person was found dead. Three heavily armed gunmen had attacked him. The victim was a young boy, approximately 1.50 meters tall, dark complexion, slim build, short hair and brown eyes. He appeared about 13 years old, wearing a striped shirt, shorts and sandals. The child had been shot several times, especially in the face.

The Police Corps experts cordoned off the area and report finding 10 shell casings. In addition they also noted that so far the killers responsible have not been captured, although they are working on the case. The prosecutor ordered the Forensic Medical Service personnel take the corpse to the amphitheater, pending that relatives claim the body.

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