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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

American Latino Museum Needs You

The Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino is reaching out to its supports to help secure the location for the museum. This initiative is being done before the continue reading »

Puerto Rican Government Under Fire For Expensive Trips

Puerto Rico's main opposition Democratic Popular Party, or PPD, is denouncing Gov. Luis Fortuño's administration for allowing traveling officials to fly first-class and stay in luxury hotels even as the island suffers from recession and a jobless rate above 16 percent. continue reading »

Another Narco Tunnel Found in Nogales, 100 Feet into Mexico

The Tucson Sector Border Patrol, a component of the Joint Field Command-Arizona, discovered another illicit tunnel yesterday in Nogales, just six days after their earlier find of a smaller tunnel in the same town. continue reading »

Man Charged with Lying on Immigration Application, Conceals Ties to El Salvadoran Army & 6 Murders

A Massachusetts man was charged today in federal court with making false statements on immigration forms and committing perjury in order to remain in the United States. continue reading »

Cargill Charged with Discriminating Against Latinos & Other Applicants, Could Lose Federal Contracts

The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has filed an administrative complaint against federal contractor Cargill Meat Solutions, alleging that the company systematically continue reading »

Judge in Chile Looking for US Navy Man Connected to 1973 Killing of Americans

A Chilean judge is seeking the extradition of a retired U.S. Navy officer in connection with the deaths of two other Americans here in the wake of the 1973 military coup that brought Gen. Augusto Pinochet to power, court officials said Tuesday. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Police Looking for Latino Male Who Rammed Car into Firefighter After Fight (VIDEO)

Police are looking for the Latino man responsible for the injuries that sent a California firefighter to the hospital in critical condition after an altercation at a fast-food restaurant. continue reading »

Andy García, Eva Longoria Shooting Film in The Dominican Republic

Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria and Forest Whitaker are currently in the Dominican Republic to film part of the action/suspense thriller "The Truth," Diario Libre newspaper said Tuesday. continue reading »

Spanish Commission Seeks to Have Franco’s Body Moved to New Site

A blue-ribbon commission created by Spain's Socialist government on Tuesday recommended that the body of dictator Francisco Franco be removed from the Valley of the Fallen to make the site a true memorial to victims of the 1936-1939 civil war. continue reading »

U.S. Border Fence Being Extended 300 Feet into the Pacific

A $4.3 million upgrade is being given to the U.S.-Mexico border fence which will now extend hundreds of feet into the Pacific ocean. Along Imperial Beach, the steel, 18-foot fence continue reading »

Spanish Bullfighter That Got Gored in the Face Says He’ll Be Back (VIDEO)

Juan José Padilla, the Spanish Bullfighter that got gored in the face October 7th said in a press conference he’s going to do ‘the unthinkable’ and return to bullfighting. continue reading »

Charlie Sheen on Vacation in Colombia …With a Film Crew?

Charlie Sheen was recently seen smoking a cigar and strolling around Cartagena in northwest Colombia with a group of people, which included bodyguards and a camera crew. continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Police Believe Michael David Robles Behind Death of Ex-Girlfriend Kathy Scharbarth

Police say Michael David Robles may have defied a restraining order against him when he allegedly kidnapped and killed his ex-girlfriend. The body of Kathy Scharbarth was found continue reading »

Parade, Pentagon, and Awards Gala: “Dancing With the Stars” Winner J.R. Martinez is a Busy Man

After winning the 13th season of ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars” it seems veteran-turned-actor J.R. Martinez is a very popular and a rather busy man. Shortly after winning the dancing competit continue reading »

University of Georgia Could Seek an End on Banning Undocumented Students

The University of Georgia's top advisory body could vote this week to ask the state Board of Regents to scrap a policy that bars undocumented students continue reading »