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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Are $300,000 Heroin-Laced Soccer Uniforms the Newest Fad?

Police uncovered a shipment of $315,000 worth of heroin sewn into the lining of a Bolivian passenger’s soccer garments. continue reading »

Santa’s Latino Cousin ‘Pancho Clos’ Visits Texas Children

Children at a Texas shopping center were able to meet Santa Claus’ Latino cousin Pancho Clos over the weekend. The jolly visitor shared celebrated the Christmas season continue reading »

McDonald’s Closes All Their Restaurants in Bolivia

UPDATE: HS News -Bolivia became the first McDonald’s-free Latin American nation nearly a decade ago, after struggling for more than a decade to keep their numbers out of ‘the red.’ And that fact is still making news. continue reading »

Former Utah Hispanic Center Director Recently Released from Jail Now Facing New Sex Abuse Charges

Though having just been released from jail for a prior sex abuse conviction, the Hispanic Center of Cache Valley’s former director may be heading right back behind bars. continue reading »

Costa Rican Goal Keeper Esteban Alvarado Goes Ninja on Attacker (VIDEO)

The match between Holland’s Ajax soccer team and AZ Alkmaar ended after an Ajax fan attacked AZ goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado. In response to the aggressor, Alvarado kicked his attacker to the ground. continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING: Spanish Model Uses Fake Implants to Transport Cocaine from Brazil to Rome

A model heading to Rome from Brazil has been arrested after it was discovered that the fake implants she was carrying had cocaine stashed inside them. continue reading »

Brazilian Woman Gives Birth To Two-Headed Baby (VIDEO)

María de Nazare, 25, said she had initially expected twins and only learned her babies shared a body minutes before she gave birth by cesarean section. continue reading »

U.S. - Mexico ‘Operation Holiday Hoax’ Nets $80 Million in Counterfeit Goods

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) announced the seizure of more than 327,000 counterfeit items with a manufacturer's suggested retail price continue reading »

Woman Shackled During Birth and After Cesarean Sues Sheriff Arpaio & His Deputies

Miriam Mendiola-Martinez, through her attorneys, filed a federal lawsuit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa Medical Center, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Officers continue reading »

MEET Carlos “Flaco” Hincapié Current Leader of “Your Big Year” Global Competition (VIDEO)

Carlos is competing to win the grand prize: a 1 year-long trip to 5 continents to volunteer and work with community and world leaders to positively impact 20M people. continue reading »

Cuba Estimates Oil, Gas Output Will Reach 4 Million Tons in 2011

Cuba's basic industry minister said the island produced an estimated 4 million tons of oil equivalent in 2011, an amount roughly unchanged from the previous four years, state media reported. continue reading »

Immigration Arrests at Border More than Doubled Since 1995, Leads Federal Arrests

Illegal immigration was the fastest growing federal arrest offense between 2005 and 2009, increasing an average rate of 23 percent each year, the Bureau of Justice Statistics continue reading »

Uruguay Set to Invest in Its Dairy Farmers to Make Them More Green

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), in partnership with the Cooperativa Nacional de Productores de Leche (CONAPROLE), is launching a $6 million project continue reading »

Bank of America to Pay $335 Million for Discriminating Against Latino & African American Borrowers

The Justice Department today reached a $335 Million settlement to resolve allegations of lending discrimination by Countrywide Financial Corporation on behalf continue reading »

Brazilian Bus Crash Kills 5

Five people were killed and 47 others injured Wednesday when a bus collided with a truck in the central Brazilian state of Tocantins, authorities said. The accident took place around 4:30 a.m. continue reading »