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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Search Continues for Brazilian Tourist Lost in Villarrica Volcano

Around 50 troops of "Socorro Andino, the "GOPE de Carbineros", guides from "Conaf", and private companies have all continued the search for Felipe Santos, a 21 year old Brazilian tourist lost in the volcano "Villarricca". continue reading »

Agents Arrest Drug Smugglers Near Temecula, Retrieve 51 lbs of Cocaine, 2 lbs of Heroin

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol agents working jointly with Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies, Murrieta Police officers, and California Highway Patrol office continue reading »

California Youth Counselor Sentenced to 29 Years in Prison for Producing Child Pornography

Defendant Also Ordered to Pay $234,000 in Restitution to Victim. Thomas Perez Jewell was sentenced yesterday in federal court in Oakland, Calif., continue reading »

Another Teacher in Southern California Arrested for Sexual Relationship With Student

Yet another teacher in Southern California has been arrested for allegedly having inappropriate sexual contact with a student. In a school just little more than an hour southeast of Los Angeles, a teacher at Hemet High School has been continue reading »

Selena Gomez Shows a Little Skin

Selena Gomez accidentally showed off a little too Thursday while getting her morning coffee. continue reading »

Former Puerto Rico Senator and Businessman Each Sentenced to 48 Months for Bribery Scheme

Hector Martinez Maldonado, a former Puerto Rico senator, and Juan Bravo Fernandez, the former president of the largest private security firm in Puerto Rico, were each sentenced today t continue reading »

LATINO BLOTTER: Suspect in Redondo Beach Double Murder Captured in Mexico

The main suspect in the Redondo Beach, CA killing of a woman and her daughter has been caught after he fled to Mexico. Tuesday, the bodies of Vickie Bergman, 49, continue reading »

Agents Find Another Drug Smuggling Tunnel at Arizona-Mexico Border, 550lbs of Marijuana Inside

Another smuggling tunnel has been found long this U.S.-Mexico border, this time in Arizona. The Department of Homeland Security says federal agents discovered the tunnel Thu continue reading »

WATCH Charlie Sheen in Unaired Super Bowl Commercial for Fiat “House Arrest” (VIDEO)

There are always a number of ads made for the Super Bowl that never actually air and a Fiat spot with Charlie Sheen was apparently one of them. Instead of running the “House Arrest continue reading »

Retired General Denied Amnesty in Guatemala

A Guatemalan court ruled Thursday that a 1986 amnesty law does not bar prosecution of retired Gen. Efrain Rios Montt for crimes against humanity during his 1982-1983 rule of the Central American country. continue reading »

Racy JC Advice: Stop Hiding the Truth (and Your White BF)

Sadly, your problem is not unique. No matter the race, color, or creed, parents often look for ways to reject their child’s relationships. Racial and cultural differences historically are have been the easiest reasons to use. continue reading »

Narco Blog: Authorities Capture Kidnapper Twice- In Less than Three Months

Mexican authorities continue to demonstrate their lack of abilities with this case as highlighted in the state of Durango. The kidnapper Julio Cesar Quintero Escobedo, 34 years old, was captured last November 2011, when elements of the Special Unit for Combating Abductions of the Office of the State of Durango, located with a band of criminals. continue reading »

Diego Rivera Sketches Get a Facelift in Mexico

Four sketches made by Mexican artist Diego Rivera in the 1930s for New York's Rockefeller Center are being restored with a grant from Bank of America, the Diego Rivera-Anahuacalli Museum said. continue reading »

Cash-Strapped Spanish Town Authorizes Marijuana Plantation

Leaders of this northeastern town have given the green light to the establishment of a cannabis plantation to boost municipal revenues and create jobs in the context of Spain's economic crisis. continue reading »

Bill Gates Angers Many In Peru After Saying Other Countries are More in Need

Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently made a number of people angry when he stated that aid agencies should be concentrating on the poorest countries in the world, not those like Peru continue reading »