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Blog Entries by HS News Staff

Family of Man Who Died During Threesome Wins $3 Million

On Thursday, a Georgia jury awarded a family $3 million in the case revolving around a man who died after a heart attack he had while during a threesome. continue reading »

Messi and Argentina Top South America’s 2014 World Cup Qualifiers

With a 4-0 win over Ecuador, Lionel Messi and the Argentina ball club trampled Ecuador at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires on Saturday. continue reading »

5 Bodies Found in Flaming SUV Believed to be a Result of Drug Cartel Violence in Mexico

Investigators are attempting to piece together the events that led to five bodies being charred in a SUV in Arizona’s southern desert. According to reports, Border Patrol atte continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING:  120 Pounds of Meth Seized at Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Hidalgo International Bridge seized over $1,500,000 worth of methamphetamine and arrested a Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico man last week. continue reading »

Mexican “Theme Park” Shows What It’s Like to Illegally Cross U.S.-Mexico Border

"Every year, thousands of Mexicans illegally cross the US border," writes Vice, "To find out exactly how it's done we went to El Alberto, Mexico to film the experience. continue reading »

RUBIO WATCH:  Dems Say Rubio on GOP Ticket “Insult to Hispanic Community”

While chatting with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, Axelrod felt putting Senator Rubio on the Republican ticket would not overcome Latinos displeasure with Romney’s position on immigration continue reading »

Gold-Plated Sex Toy Worth $4000 Stolen From High-End Brazilian Sex Shop

Nothing says romance like a gold-plated vibrator stolen from a high-end sex shop. As Brazil prepares for its Valentine’s Day-like holiday an armed man was apparently desperate for that “perfect gift”. continue reading »

MS-13 Gang Member, Rances Ulices Amaya, Sentenced to 50 Years for Rape and Prostitution of Girls

Rances Ulices Amaya, 24, aka “Murder” and “Blue,” was sentenced today to 50 years in prison for recruiting girls as young as 14 from middle schools, high schools, and homeless shelters in Northern Virginia and forcing them to engage in commercial sex acts on behalf of MS-13. continue reading »

Spanish Officials Deny Asking Germany for Bailout

The Spanish government denied on Sunday that any "pressure" is being exerted by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble on Economy Minister Luis de Guindos to get Spain to ask the European financial stability fund for money to shore up the Spanish banking sector, while Berlin reiterated its confidence in the measures that Madrid is taking to deal with its fiscal woes. continue reading »

More Bad News for Pablo Sandoval, Now Under Investigation for Sexual Assault (VIDEO)

Pablo Sandoval under investigation in a sexual assault case that involves a woman Sandoval knows and had a “consensual, personal relationship of a sexual nature.” continue reading »

Dominican Model Wants Bigger Share of Dead Jose Lima’s MLB Estate

Deceased MLB pitcher Jose Lima name is back in the news because he had six children with six different women and they want money from his estate. continue reading »

Gunmen Leave 11 Dead and 10 Wounded in Drug Rehab in Mexico

Gunmen killed 11 people and wounded 10 others at a drug rehabilitation center in Torreon, a city in northern Mexico, police said. continue reading »

Evita Peron May Get her Own Currency in Argentina

Argentina may issue special bills bearing the likeness of Eva Duarte to mark the 60th anniversary on July 26 of the death of the famous wife of three-time President Juan Domingo Peron, the press reported Sunday. continue reading »

Latin America Says Good-Bye to Its Largest Garbage Dump

Brazil's Jardin Gramacho, a gigantic trash dump on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro that was considered Latin America's largest, finally closed on Sunday and will now begin undergoing a process of environmental recovery. continue reading »

Mexican Gay Pride Parade Draws 30,000 Attendees

Thousands of people and about 30 floats took part in Mexico's 34th Gay Pride Parade in the capital, where a concert marked the end of the event. continue reading »