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Tag Results for "Survival International"

Brazil’s Awá Tribe Calls on Government to Evict Loggers (VIDEO)

Earth’s most threatened tribe has sent an urgent appeal to Brazil’s government to evict invaders from their forest, as Brazil soccer fans lend their support for the tribe. continue reading »

Game of Thrones Star Natalia Tena Speaks out Over Colombian Killing

Game of Thrones and Harry Potter star Natalia Tena has lent her support to a Survival International campaign to finally bring the killers of three Colombian Indian leaders to justice. Twenty-two years ago, in November 1990, Angel María Torres and two other leaders of Colombia’s Arhuaco tribe were kidnapped, tortured and killed. continue reading »

Survival Launches ‘Stop Complaining’ Ad for Earth’s Most Threatened Tribe

Human rights organization Survival International has launched a worldwide advertising campaign to raise awareness of the plight of the Awá tribe in Brazil, Earth’s most threatened tribe.The advert, entitled ‘Stop Complaining, and put your problems in perspective’ was designed by Tribe Global. continue reading »

Organizations Sue Peru Over broken Promise to Isolated Indians

Peru’s top indigenous organizations are taking on the government and powerful gas companies in an attempt to stop gas exploration that seriously threatens uncontacted Indians’ lives. continue reading »

Brazil’s Awá Tribe Blockades Railway in Protest

A protest involving Earth’s most threatened tribe, the Awá, has forced the world’s largest iron ore mine to suspend operations along its main railway line. continue reading »

Amazon Indians Win Case Against Illegal Mining, Logging in Peru

A small community of Indians from the Peruvian Amazon has won a court case with potentially far-reaching implications for indigenous land rights in the country. continue reading »

Activists Use Rio 2016 Exhibition to Highlight Troubles of Brazil’s Awá Tribe

Tribal rights campaigners targeted a London exhibition celebrating Brazil’s cultural heritage ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics, to highlight the plight of "Earth’s most threatened tribe." continue reading »

Survival Denounces Venezuela’s ‘Whitewash’ of Yanomami ‘Massacre’

Survival has denounced the Venezuelan government’s repeated denials of a massacre against Yanomami Indians, calling on President Chávez to evict all illegal goldminers from indigenous territory and conduct a proper, on-site investigation. continue reading »

Amazonian Awá Tribe Threatened by Plans of Railway Expansion

Plans by a giant mining company to expand a controversial railway line that has already opened up parts of Brazil’s Amazon to invaders, are now putting Earth’s most threatened tribe in direct danger. continue reading »

Mick Jagger Tested as Peru’s Environmental Ambassador

Music legend Sir Mick Jagger has been drawn into a bitter row over an ‘illegal gas grab’ in the Peruvian Amazon. continue reading »

Colin Firth’s Campaign to Save the Awa Tribe of Brazil’s Amazon

Oscar-winning film star Colin Firth today launched a major Survival International campaign to save ‘Earth’s most threatened tribe’ – the Awá of the Brazilian Amazon. continue reading »

Allegations of Amazon Indian Child ‘Burned Alive’ by Loggers Surfaces

Loggers have invaded the Amazon home of uncontacted Awá Indians, one of whom has reportedly been ‘burned alive’. continue reading »

Brazilian Cattle Ranchers Blamed for Another Amazon Indian Killing

A Guarani man in his 20s has died of his wounds following a violent attack, allegedly by gunmen employed by Brazilian cattle ranchers. continue reading »

Violent Attacks on Brazil’s Indigenous Indians Being Reported as They Claim Ancestral Land

Survival International has received reports that truckloads of armed men are violently driving Brazil’s Guarani from their land, leaving them in fear of their lives. continue reading »

Brazilian Indians Demand Shell Leave Their Land

Indians of the Guarani tribe in Brazil have demanded that energy giant Shell stop using their ancestral land for ethanol production. continue reading »

Longest Living Brazilian Indian Celebrates 121st Birthday, Eats Natural Food Only

Survival International has located a Brazilian Indian, believed to be the oldest living person in the world, as she prepares to celebrate her 121st birthday. continue reading »

Brazil’s Uncontacted Indians Feared Dead at the Hands of Drug Traffickers

Just last year, the first photos of a tribe of indigenous people in the Amazon were revealed to the world, but according to a tribal advocacy group, continue reading »

Peru Vows to Protect Uncontacted Tribe’s Reserve

Peru’s Culture Ministry has promised to protect an uncontacted tribe’s reserve in the Amazon amid fears that it would be shut down. continue reading »

Satellite Imagery Helping ID Illegal Forest Clearing in Latin America

Brazilian beef barons whose illegal clearance of land inhabited by uncontacted Indians in Paraguay was spotted by satellites have now been charged with illegal deforestation. continue reading »

Peru Admits Timber Certificates Faked in Secret Cable Revealed by Wikileaks

Peru’s government has secretly admitted that 70-90% of its mahogany exports were illegally felled, according to a US embassy cable revealed by Wikileaks. Furthermore, Peru’s government is aware that the illegal timber is being ‘laundered’ using ‘document falsification, timber extraction outside the concession boundaries and links to bribes’. continue reading »