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Tag Results for "Republican Primary"

JUST IN:  Romney Wins Puerto Rico Primary Trouncing Rick Santorum

Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has apparently won the Puerto Rico primary. Though residents of this territory cannot vote for a President they do have twenty delegates to give to the primary winner. continue reading »

Gingrich Wants UPS and FedEx to Find the “Illegal Immigrants” in the Country

For the one or two people that are currently following the Presidential candidacy of Newt “I can still win” Gingrich, he is currently spouting off about immigration in Illinois, where he is visiting ahead of the Tuesday primary. continue reading »

POLL: Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum Top List of Vice Presidential Candidates

Asked who should be the Republican nominee for Vice President, Florida Senator Marco Rubio tops the list, followed by the surging former Pennsylvania Senator, continue reading »

Florida Debate: Romney Claims Obama Has Appeased Cuba, but It Won’t Happen If He’s Elected

Earlier this month, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney stated, “Those of us who believe in freedom and cherish democracy must do our part … and denounce the injustices and cruelties of the Castro tyranny.” continue reading »

Jeb Bush Reminds Republicans ‘We Need Hispanic Vote’

Latino voters "will represent the margin of victory" in key states in this year's elections, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush reminded his fellow Republicans in a Washington Post op-ed. continue reading »