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Tag Results for "Perry On Immigration"

Mitt Romney Video Bashes Perry on Immigration and Features Praise from Former Mexican President

A new Mitt Romney campaign video once again paints Governor Rick Perry as soft on immigration and shows former Mexican President Vicente Fox praising Perry for in-state tuition for 'Mexican migrants.' continue reading »

Governor Perry Sends Obama a $350 Million Bill for Housing Illegal Immigrants in Texas Jails

Republican Presidential contender and current Texas Governor Rick Perry earlier this month sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asked to be reimbursed approximately $350 million of housing illegal immigrants in Texas prisons. continue reading »

Cowboy Perry is Just Part of the Conservative Herd

Just when you thought Americans have had their fill of Texas governors, Rick Perry has become a media darling since officially declaring his 2012 presidential bid earlier this month. He’s singled out as the man to beat in the Republican primaries; continue reading »

Rick Perry Walking a Fine Line on Immigration Due to Texas “Emergency Sanctuary City Bill”

As the Republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry has walked both sides of the immigration line, at one point implementing a Texas-style Dream Act that some say was the model for the national act. On the other hand, he’s authorized local police to inquire about the immigration status of anyone they come in contact with. continue reading »