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Tag Results for "Fast And Furious"

Arizona Border Patrol Seizes 5,00 Rounds of Ammo Heading to Mexico

Thousands of rounds of ammunition headed for Mexico were seized Wednesday by Customs and Border Protection officers assigned to the Dennis DeConcini Port. continue reading »

American Citizen Caught Bringing in 268,000 Rounds of Assault Rifle Ammo into Mexico

Customs agents seized 268,000 rounds of assault rifle ammunition being hauled by a truck that entered northern Mexico from the United States and arrested the American driver, officials in Ciudad Juarez said. continue reading »

US Attorney General Faces Renewed Criticism Over Mexico Gun Operation

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has faced a new round of Republican criticism over a controversial tactic in which U.S. authorities allowed gun buyers to move arms into Mexico, destined for drug cartels. continue reading »

Like the Failed ATF “Fast and Furious”, the DEA is Trying to Track Money They’ve Given to Cartels

According to the New York Times, while attempting to track money that was believed to be making it into the hands of drug cartels, the U.S. government was actually laundering and smuggling money from and for the drug organizations. continue reading »

Mexico Asks U.S. to Extradite ‘Fast and Furious” Gunrunners

Mexico's government has requested the extradition of six U.S. citizens for weapons trafficking, including three people linked to a botched federal gun-tracking operation, Attorney General Marisela Morales said. continue reading »

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in Dominican Republic

The Attorney General of the United States is visiting the Dominican Republic this Monday. Eric Holder will meet with President Leonel Fernandez at his office in the Presidential Palace. continue reading »

Attorney General Eric Holder Admits Fast and Furious was “Flawed”

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder acknowledged the blunders made in the federal Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation in an appearance before Congress, but some Republicans remained unappeased and continued to call for his resignation. continue reading »

ICE Arrests TX Pawn Shop Employees for Ammo Smuggling into Mexico

A local pawn shop manager and five other employees were arrested on Wednesday on federal ammunition-smuggling charges by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). continue reading »

Extreme Trafficking:  3,500 Ammo cartridges Found on Women Traveling to Mexico from U.S.

Mexican authorities are reporting the arrest of a yet to be identified women for carrying some 3,500 ammunition cartridges into Mexico from the U.S. The women was traveling legally from El Paso, Texas on a passenger bus when her luggage was inspected in a routine border inspection at Juarez. The border patrol on the Mexican side of the border discovered boxes upon boxes of ammo for different caliber guns, there were 9mm, 30mm, .38 super and 39mm. continue reading »