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Tag Results for "Cuba News"

¡Hola!  Presidente Obama, Its Raul Castro Can We Talk?

What is 81-year-old Raul Castro, President of Cuba, up to? He has publicly announced to his people that he is ready and willing to talk to the U.S., much to everyone’s amazement I am sure. continue reading »

Cuban Opposition Activists Arrested During Fellow Dissident’s Funeral

Several opposition activists were detained Tuesday as prominent Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya, who died last weekend in a traffic accident, was buried in Havana's Colon Cemetery. continue reading »

Popular Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya Reportedly Dies in Traffic Accident, Some Blaming Castro

Cuban opposition figure Oswaldo Paya, one of the most popular and best-known leaders of the internal dissident movement on the communist island, died Sunday in a traffic accident in the eastern province of Granma, various sources reported. continue reading »

Cuba’s Aging Water Treatment System has Authorities Worried

The status of Cuba's aging, inadequate water treatment system greatly concerns the National Hydraulic Resources Institute, or INRH, state television reported. continue reading »

HS-News Is Proud to Introduce “iOn the Americas”

Hispanically Speaking News is proud to introduce "iOn the Americas," a new section where you'll find all the news of Latin America at a glance. continue reading »

19 Cuban Migrants Apprehended in the Florida Keys

This week Border Patrol agents assigned to the U.S. Border Patrol’s Miami Sector apprehended 19 Cuban nationals on Boot Key near Marathon, Fla. continue reading »

First Humanitarian Aid Shipment in Fifty Years Leaves U.S. to Cuba

The first direct maritime shipment of merchandise between Miami and Havana in more than five decades is being made on Wednesday, with the cargo ship Ana Cecilia due to set sail for Cuba loaded with humanitarian aid items. continue reading »

Perfect Climbing in Cuba but Now It’s off Limits

Since the late 1990s, foreigners have been heading to a Cuban national park, in Valle de Viñales, to enjoy the spectacular mogotes. It may sound like a refreshing drink, but the mogotes are islands of karstic limestone that became a rock climbing paradise once climbers found hundreds of routes up the precipitous mountain faces. continue reading »

Cuba Reports 53 People Have Contracted Cholera and Three Have Died

Fifty-three people contracted cholera in Manzanillo, a city in the eastern province of Granma, and three died from the bacterial disease, the Cuban government said Tuesday. "A variety of germs have been identified among all the patients seen to, with 53 cases diagnosed with Vibrio cholerae, of whom the three fatalities were elderly adults ages 95, 70 and 66, all with records of chronic illnesses," the Public Health Ministry said in a statement published in the offical daily Granma. continue reading »

Raul Castro Visiting China Seeking Support for Cuba’s Economic Reforms

Cuban President Raul Castro arrived in this capital Wednesday for his first official visit to China as head of state, a trip on which he will meet with the present and future leaders of the Asian giant to seek support for the communist island's economic reform process. continue reading »

Medicare Dollars Going to Cuba? Some Republicans Say Yes

Three members of Congress fear that billions of tax dollars are going to Cuba along with other foreign countries via criminal schemes that defraud Medicare and Medicaid. continue reading »

Cuban Cigars Popular in China

China has become the world’s third largest market for Cuban cigars after Spain and France. continue reading »

Authorities Determine Fire at Cuba’s Airline Brokers Co. Was Deliberate

The fire last month that ravaged an agency offering charter flights to Cuba from Miami was set deliberately, authorities determined. According to a Coral Gables Fire Department report, obtained by Miami's El continue reading »

Ikea Accused of Using Cuban Prisoners to Make their Products in the 1980s

Amid news that Swedish-based furniture company Ikea was looking to open a store in Puerto Rico, claims have surfaced saying Cuban dissidents and East Germans were forced to make its products. continue reading »

First Meeting of “Cubans Living in U.S.” Held in Cuba

The Cuban government this weekend broached the issue of immigration reform on the island during a videoconference held between Cuba and the United States as part of the first Meeting of Cubans Living in the United States. continue reading »

Cuban Actors Disappear after Arriving in U.S. For Tribeca Film Festival

Two Cuban actors, stars of a film about the adventures of three young people trying to leave Cuba, disappeared over the weekend after setting foot on U.S. soil on their trip from the island to present the movie at New York's Tribeca Film Festival, U.S. media outlets reported. continue reading »

Chavez Remains in Cuba but No Health Updates Provided

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has spent more than a week in Havana, where he is undergoing the final phase of his radiation therapy treatment, but he has communicated only via Twitter without giving any details about his health. continue reading »

Major Water Supply Issues Affecting Cuban People Due to Prolonged Drought

Some 45,000 residents of Havana are currently receiving their drinking water in cistern trucks due to the ongoing drought affecting Cuba, local media reported Sunday. continue reading »

Chavez Skips Out on Summit of Americas, In Cuba for More Cancer Treatments

Cuban media reported on Sunday that Chavez had returned to the island, where he was greeted by the country's first vice president, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, in contrast to earlier occasions on which President Raul Castro had awaited him on the tarmac of the Jose Marti international airport. continue reading »

Mexico and Cuba Consider Doing Joint Oil Exploration in Gulf of Mexico

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said his country's state-owned oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos, is considering participating and investing in crude and natural gas exploration and production projects in Cuban territorial waters. continue reading »