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Tag Results for "Cuba News"

Cuba to Ease Restrictions on Visits From “Illegal” Emigrants

The Cuban government will ease restrictions on visits to the island by people who emigrated without authorization, including doctors and athletes who defected while on excursions abroad, a senior official said. continue reading »

As Health Rumors Linger Fidel Castro Sends Graduates Congratulatory Message

Fidel Castro's signature appeared once again in the Cuban press on Thursday when he published a congratulatory message directed to an academic institution. continue reading »

Declassified Documents Shine New Light on Cuban Missile Crisis

Declassified Kennedy Library documents reveal further details of a secret U.S. effort to reach an accord with communist Cuba and avoid a nuclear war during the 1962 missile crisis. continue reading »

Widow of Dissident Killed in Car Crash Blasts Trial in Cuba

Ofelia Acevedo, late Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya's widow, said she has no confidence in the negligent homicide trial of Spanish political activist Angel Carromero, who was at the wheel for a July car crash near this eastern city that killed her husband and another government opponent. continue reading »

30 Hours After Being Held in Custody, Cuban Blogger Yoani Sanchez Finally Released

Dissident Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez, her husband and another independent journalist were released after more than 24 hours in custody and are back in the Cuban capital, Sanchez said on Twitter. continue reading »

Spaniard Responsible for Cuban Dissidents’ Deaths Regrets “Unfortunate” Accident

Spaniard Angel Carromero expressed his regrets Friday for the "unfortunate" traffic accident in which Cuban dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero died, during his trial here on charges of negligent homicide. continue reading »

Cuban Dissident Accuses Government of Smear Campaign

Former political prisoner Marta Beatriz Roque on Wednesday said that Cuba's Communist government "is using low and dirty methods" to discredit the opposition and confuse public opinion. continue reading »

Cuba Makes Key Advances In Its Pharmaceutical Production

Cuban scientists have developed a new variation of a drug used to prevent the rejection of organ transplants and which constitutes the first nanopharmaceutical product that the island has manufactured on an industrial scale. continue reading »

Cuban Editor of Communist Newspaper Defects to U.S.

An editor of Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma has left the island and applied for political asylum in the United States, the Cafe Fuerte blog said Friday. continue reading »

First Day of Hunger Strike Leaves 67 Year Old Cuban Dissident “Very Weak”

Cuban dissident Marta Beatriz Roque said Tuesday she feels "very weak" the day after going on a hunger strike to demand the release of an opposition prisoner. continue reading »

Cuba Plans to Rescue Agricultural Cooperatives

The Cuban government has approved a package of measures to rescue the system of autonomously managed farming cooperatives known as UBPCs, which cultivate 28 percent of the nation's arable land. continue reading »

American Alan Gross Looses 100 Pounds While Imprisoned in Cuba

The wife of U.S. contractor Alan Gross expressed concerns about his health after visiting him in a Cuban prison. "I am devastated by his appearance," Judy Gross said in a statement released Tuesday. continue reading »

400th Anniversary of Cuba’s Our Lady of Charity Drew Celebrations Internationally

The festival of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, patroness of Cuba, drew thousands of people to Masses and processions that were marked by messages of love and unity for Cubans on and off the island, where this year the 400th anniversary of the finding of the saint's image is being held. continue reading »

Cuba Experiments with “Magnetizers” Devices to Save Fuel

Cuba is experimenting with "magnetizer" devices designed on the island that help vehicles and electric generators save fuel, thanks to the effect of their magnetic field on combustion, the official daily Granma said Saturday. continue reading »

6 Die of Burns After Truck Crashed into Gas Station in Cuba

Six of the 32 people hurt last week in a fire at a gas station in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba have died, Cuban official media said Friday. continue reading »

Gas Station Fire Seriously Injures 26 in Cuba

A huge fire at a gas station in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba injured 32 people, including 26 who were listed in serious or very serious condition, state media reported. continue reading »

Cholera Outbreak in Cuba Ends Killing 3, Infecting 417

The Cuban government said that the cholera outbreak that erupted in June, killing three and infecting 417, is over, Communist Party daily Granma reported Tuesday. continue reading »

T.S. Isaac His Cuba as a “Very Weak” Storm, May Strengthen On Way to Florida

Cuba got its first battering Saturday from Tropical Storm Isaac and expects to see a cross-country buildup of the wind and rain whirled in by the storm, whose center crossed the extreme eastern part of the country. continue reading »

Female Politicians Gaining More Positions in Cuba

The number of women serving in government posts increased in the past two years in Cuba, where females now hold around 45 percent of the seats in parliament, Communist Party daily Granma said Thursday. continue reading »

Cuba’s Horse-Drawn Carriage Drivers Create Union

The Cuban government has authorized the founding of the first union section for drivers of horse-drawn carriages, with a membership of more than 30 independent workers, in the central province of Villa Clara, official media said Monday. continue reading »