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Tag Results for "Ciudad Juarez"

HUMOR: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s Most Violent City, Now Part of U.S. Says Gov of Texas

This week Governor Perry was too busy complaining about illegal immigration to remember exactly where Ciudad Juarez is located. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Assassins Storm Hospital in Search of Minor Lone Survivor of Shootout

In Ciudad Juarez, four people were shot during yesterday as they drove on Avenida Road, among the victims was a woman and a child under 10 years of age.But it was not known if there were any survivors of the attack, until hours later it was reported that a 14 year old had survived, although he was injured. continue reading »

Gunmen in Mexico Open Fire in Back Yard Killing 3 Young Girls

It was another bloody day in the Mexico border city of Ciudad Juarez that left three young girls killed by gunfire. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG: Birthday party ends with slaughter in Ciudad Juárez

During an evening party, while the young people were celebrating, at a house in Sierra del Aguila, hooded men dressed in black entered the scene and started shooting at the people, some tried to flee, but four of them were massacred. continue reading »

Three High School Teenagers Killed in Mexican Border City, 2 were U.S. Citizens

Three teenage boys this Saturday in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico were doing want boys who are new drivers do, look at cars – except this time it cost them their lives. continue reading »

Mexico Bloodshed:  Mass Shooting Leaves 6 Dead; Many Youth Injured at Community Soccer Field

Six young men ranging in age from 19 to 23 years old were killed early evening Sunday at a local community center’s soccer field in the Colonia Franciso I. Madero situated in Juarez, Mexico. continue reading »

Victims of Violence in Juarez, Mexico Come to U.S. Hospital at High Cost to Locals

More than 3,000 people have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez in 2010 alone and many more wounded. Some of those wounded were able to cross the border into El Paso, continue reading »

El Paso Welcomes Notre Dame and Miami with Mariachis and Nachos for Upcoming Sun Bowl

Today both teams, Notre Dame and Miami, arrived in El Paso, Texas for the Hyundai Sun Bowl. Notre Dame arrived at 11:00 this morning with the Miami Hurricanes arrives later this afternoon. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  Another Supporter of Murdered Mom Marisela Escobedo is Executed

There have been numerous protests throughout the Ciuad Juarez, against the killing of activist Marisela Escobedo yet no one was expecting repercussions from supporting her in death. Nobody thought that the fate of Alfonso Pérez Domínguez would be affected by his support for Marisela. continue reading »

$48.3 Billion in U.S.-Mexico Trade Moves Through Ciudad Juarez Despite Cartel Violence

The trade that moves through the cities of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas increased 15 percent from 2008 to 2009 and is set to increase again in 2010 in spite of the escalating drug cartel violence. continue reading »

Travel tips for Sun Bowl Football Game in Border City of El Paso

The city of El Paso is expecting to host a large number of college football fans from around the country who will be in town to attend the annual Sun Bowl football game Dec. 31. Historically some college football fans visit neighboring Juarez, Mexico during their time in El Paso. continue reading »

NARCO BLOG:  Mexican Preschool Torched While Standing up to Extortion

The Constitucion preschool located in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico learned the hard way not to mess with criminal extortionists. Yesterday the kindergarten continue reading »

Border City of El Paso, Texas Named Safest U.S. City

As Texas Governor Rick Perry calls for U.S. troops to enter Mexico and continues to ask for more help to secure the border, El Paso, Texas has been named the safest large city in the U.S. continue reading »

Bloody Sunday in Ciudad Juarez

This weekend the most violent city in Mexico got bloodier, with separate shootings that left eighteen people dead in one day. In one incident seven bodies were found left for dead on the street, five of them in a car and two were on the roadside. The other incident involved a family of seven, all killed outside their home. continue reading »

Mexican Doctors Protest Violence and Murders at the Border

Yesterday, hundreds of medical personnel from the violence-plagued-city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico staged a three-hour work stoppage to protest the violence in the city that never seems to abate. continue reading »

Ciudad Juarez Massacre Leaves 13 Young Partygoers Dead

Late Friday 13 young partygoers were killed and 15 injured when two vehicles pulled up to them in a residential neighbor in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and opened fire. This attacked comes on the heals of a similar attack on October 17 in the same town that left 7 dead. continue reading »

Mexican Official and his Son are Killed in Ciudad Juarez

The Mexican drug cartels are continuing to target elected and government officials with the latest killing coming this weekend in Ciudad Juarez where a local official and his son were gunned down. continue reading »

New Mayor of Violence-Plagued Juarez Takes Office

The most violence city in Mexico has a new, albeit nervous, Mayor who took office on Sunday. Hector Murguia, also known by the name, El Teto was sworn into office at the Juarez Gimnasio Universitario continue reading »

Mexican Border City Mayors Blames U.S. Deportations on Violence Surge

Last week a group of Mexican mayor's gathered for a conference to discuss cross-border issues; the mayor from San Diego was the only U.S. mayor in attendance. From the Mexican side mayor's from Tijuana, violence plagued Ciudad Juarez, Nogales and Nuevo Laredo were in attendance. continue reading »

Ciudad Juarez Weekend Murders More Violent with Ritualistic Undertones

There were five separate murders over the weekend in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, with ritualistic undertones not seen before that has left police officials outraged. continue reading »