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Tag Results for "Caracas"

A 7.7 Earthquake Destroyed Caracas, Venezuela in 1812

Today in Latin American history, a 7.7 earthquake destroyed Caracas, Venezuela killing more than 15,000 people in 1812. continue reading »

Venezuelans Adopt The Color Red While Mourning Chavez

The streets of Caracas are bathed in red in honor of late President Hugo Chavez, who made the color the symbol of his Bolivarian Revolution. Chavez will lie in state in the chapel of the Military Academy until his funeral and burial on Friday. continue reading »

Globovision TV Cameraman Wanted for Attempted Murder in Venezuela

A cameraman with the Globovision network is wanted for attempted homicide in connection with a shooting at a farm near the Venezuelan capital, Interior Minister Tareck El Aissami said Friday. continue reading »

INFOGRAPHIC: Latin America’s Best Cities to Live In

The ranking system is based on a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) using a spatial adjusted livability index. The EIU ranked 70 cities internationally, Hong Kong ranked the highest and Harare, Zimbabwe ranked the lowest. The other scores (ie- education) are out of 100. continue reading »

Armed Men Rob 54 Bus Passengers in Venezuela

Armed assailants intercepted a bus traveling between the Venezuelan cities of Maracaibo and Caracas, robbing 54 people, a police spokesperson said. continue reading »

Chávez Endorses #OccupyWallStreet On the Eve of New Cuba Medical Trip

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will travel to Cuba next week to undergo medical tests to assess the success of his cancer treatment . In an unexpected phone call interrupting a Venezuelan government ceremony for local athletes broadcast live on state TV continue reading »