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Tag Results for "Brazilian"

Brazilian Arrested Trying to Smuggle 27 Snakes onto Plane in Florida

A man was arrested at a U.S. airport for trying to smuggle 27 snakes hidden in two stereo speakers in his luggage onto a plane to Brazil, but which were detected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. continue reading »

Brazilian Bank Workers go On Strike

Workers from private and public banks in Brazil have gone on strike, aiming to pressure the National Federation of Banks into meeting the Union’s demands. continue reading »

MEET Lea T: Brazil’s Transsexual Rising Model Superstar (VIDEO)

In less than 2 years, she has been on Oprah, landed editorials in Vogue Paris, walked for Givenchy, and was in the cover of LOVE magazine smooching Kate Moss! continue reading »

Polls Predict Voters in Brazil will Elect their First Women President Today (VIDEO)

Dilma Rousseff’s, Lula’s chief of staff lead has narrowed recently. The latest polls released have shown that Rousseff might not win at the first stage as expected earlier, with figures around 51% showing her support within the margin of error from the 50% she needs. continue reading »