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Tag Results for "Body Art"

Venezuelan Tattoo Artist, Yomico Moreno, Creates Amazingly Realistic Body Art

Tattoos can be polarizing. While some see them as permanent forms of body art and self-expression, others do not care for such permanence, seeing them as mistakes to be acknowledged later on in life. continue reading »

Vampire Woman Using her Appearance to Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence

The Mexican mother of four known to many as the Vampire Woman turns a lot of heads with her fangs, the surgically-implanted titanium rods beneath her skin, multiple piercings, and her tattoo-covered body, and now she’s using that attention for a good cause. continue reading »

Happy Halloween From México’s Vampire Woman (VIDEO)

Mexico’s Vampire woman Maria José Cristerna got a whole new bunch of implants and body modifications just in time for Halloween, check them out inside! continue reading »

Meet Maria José Cristerna, The Mexican Vampire Woman

Hard to look at for some, impossible not to stare for others, the body of this lawyer from México tells a story of overcoming domestic violence, and finding an identity through body modification. continue reading »

Newspaper Salesman in Valparaiso, Chile has 82 Tattoos of Julia Roberts’ Face

Miljenko Parserisas, is the name of the street newspaper salesman in Valparaíso, Chile who after seeing “Erin Brockovich” in the early nineties, decided to start getting Julia Roberts’ face tattooed all over his body. continue reading »