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Tag Results for "Ollanta Humala"

PERU: Confrontation at Sugar Refinery Leaves 1 Dead

One person was killed in a confrontation between employees and agents of the court-appointed administrators of a bankrupt sugar refinery in northern Peru, President Ollanta Humala said Monday. continue reading »

Peruvian Ambassador Resigns After Meeting With Shining Path Supporters

Peruvian Ambassador to Argentina Nicolas Lynch submitted his resignation to President Ollanta Humala, who accepted it on Sunday, in the wake of his meeting with supporters of the Shining Path guerrilla group in Buenos Aires. continue reading »

Peruvian President Vows to Investigate Case of Child Killed During Military Operation

The death of an 8-year-old girl during a military operation against guerrillas in southern Peru "has to be investigated," President Ollanta Humala said Friday, denying that his administration tried to cover up the incident. continue reading »

10 Children Rescued from Guerillas in Peru

Police rescued 10 minors who had been forcibly recruited by a guerrilla group in a conflictive region of southern Peru, President Ollanta Humala said Friday. continue reading »

5 Deaths Linked to Gold Mining Protests in Peru

A man wounded two days ago during protests against a massive mining project in northwestern Peru died Thursday, bringing the death toll from the disturbances to five. continue reading »

Peruvian President Humala’s Father No Longer Speaking to Him After Brother is Jailed

Isaac Humala, the father of Peruvian President Ollanta Humala, said that he has broken off relations with him since the chief executive's younger brother Antauro was jailed at Callao Naval Base. continue reading »

Germany Formally Returns 600-year-old Mummy to Peru

After nearly 30 years, Germany has returned a 600-year-old mummy to Peru. The mummy was reportedly stolen from a tomb near Peru’s Alpamayo Mountain in the Ancash region sometime in the 1980s. continue reading »

Progress Can Kill – Peru’s New Government Warned

Peru’s new government will take office this week having received a stark warning of the imminent dangers faced by its country’s indigenous population.Survival has sent copies of two booklets entitled ‘Progress Can Kill’ and ‘There You Go!’ to President Ollanta Humala and key members of his cabinet. continue reading »

Alan García Steps Down, Skips Humala’s Inauguration (VIDEO)

Choosing to go against tradition, Past President Alan García didn’t appear before congress, nor was he present at the future president’s inauguration. continue reading »

President-elect Already Facing a Possible Scandel as Brother Does Business with Russia Defense Dept.

The brother of Peru’s President-elect Ollanta Humala reportedly met with Russian arms dealers last week, despite early reports that he was not very involved in the Peruvian government’s dealings with Russian. continue reading »


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Perú President Elect Ollanta Humala Meets With Secretary Clinton & Other Washington Officials

The newly elected Peruvian leader arrived to Washington yesterday for a slew of meeting that are met to introduce him to Washington and President Obama's key international representatives. President Ollanta Humala and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are due to meet today at 2:45pm. continue reading »

Peru Election 2011: Democracy’s Faustian Choices

Sunday’s election is where the red-hot issues of race, gender, age, imprisonment, insurrection, poverty and economic boom will be shaken in a volatile political cocktail. continue reading »

Very Large Number of Peruvians Living Abroad Voted in Presidential Election

The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reporting a large number of Peruvians living outside of the country voted in this most recent Presidential election. continue reading »

Peru’s Presidential Elections Set for Runoff in June

Peru’s presidential race is set to continue after no candidate was able to garner the vote majority required in. Now, a runoff election is set for June between Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori. continue reading »