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You and Your Money

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PERSONAL FINANCE: How Much Credit Can You Afford?

PERSONAL FINANCE: How Much Credit Can You Afford?

Before making the decision to add more debt, you need to make sure that you: Allocate sufficient money for your essentials. Borrow only for items that you need and can afford. Borrow only if you're spending less each month than you take home. 1. Start with your monthly take-home pay. continue reading »

PERSONAL FINANCE: Nine Ways You Can Afford College

PERSONAL FINANCE: Nine Ways You Can Afford College

If you are planning to attend college in the near future, the recent national recession has made the task of paying for a college education even more daunting. One or more of your parents may have been laid off from a job and dipped into savings intended for college. Parents of students attending college or prospective college students have every right to be concerned. But you should also know that even with dire economic news, there are lots of ways to afford a college education. continue reading »

PERSONAL FINANCE: Tips On Credit Card Debt

Medical emergencies, job losses from regular work and many other external factors may put in a situation of debt. More than once, the debt is the result of poor financial management, where a person spends beyond its normal means. Simple suggestions listed below can help get out of debt is credit card. continue reading »

SMALL BUSINESS FINANCE: IRS- Tax-Exempt Organizations Could Claim Health Care Tax Credit

The Internal Revenue Service today released a draft version of the form that small businesses and tax-exempt organizations will use to calculate the small business health care tax credit when they file income tax returns next year. The IRS also announced how eligible tax-exempt organizations –– which do not generally file income tax returns –– will claim the credit during the 2011 filing season. continue reading »

SMALL BUSINESS FINANCE:  Obtaining a Business Credit Card without Personal Guarantees

If you are a small business owner, you must be familiar with the difficulty in getting a business credit card without personal guarantee. You may want your business to grow rapidly, but the real fact is that it is really hard to ensure this growth when you neither have any reliable partners continue reading »

PERSONAL FINANCE:  What You Need To Known about Car Financing

There are three main types of motor finance deals available. So that you can find the right deal for your needs here is a brief explanation of the options available. continue reading »

SMALL BUSINESS FINANCE:  Merchant Accounts It’s Time to Take Your Business to the Next Level

If your business has yet to set up a merchant account to process credit card payments then you are missing out on a whole world of potential customers. People expect to be able to pay with their credit or debit cards and if your business can't process them they will find someone who can. continue reading »

PERSONAL FINANCE:  How Do I Calculate Finance Charges?

Having some knowledge of how to calculate finance charges is always a good thing. Most lenders, as you know, will do this for you, but it can helpful to be able to check the math yourself. continue reading »

Tax Preparers: Free Workshops on New IRS Rules Effecting You

Tax Preparers now have free resources and workshops for them to obtain the facts about new IRS rules effecting them directly, available in English and Spanish. continue reading »

PERSONAL FINANCE: Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance varies with the various people seeking it. It depends on a number of factors such as dependents, level of income as well as the saving capability you have. continue reading »

Economic Outlook – 2nd Quarter 2010

2010 2nd quarter economic outlook as viewed by wealth advisor, Atlantic Trust, is defined by bedrudging growth with low inflation. continue reading »

PERSONAL FINANCE:  What Portion of a Credit Score is Payment History?

n the United States, credit scores are broken down into five categories. Each category represents a fixed percentage of your credit score. continue reading »

Educate Children About Saving as Early as Possible

Set your child in good stead by getting their education on saving started as early as possible. continue reading »

The Importance of Learning About Personal Finance

There are a number of different reasons as to why a person should learn about personal finance, but it is perhaps understandable that most people can not see these reasons for themselves Personal finance is a difficult topic to learn about and for that reason a person just naturally tends to shy away from it, making excuses in an attempt to avoid having to learn about it. continue reading »