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You and Your Health

Working to Stem the AIDS Epidemic - “End AIDS” - It’s In Your Hands”

Working to Stem the AIDS Epidemic - “End AIDS” - It’s In Your Hands”

Photo: "End AIDS" - It's In Your Hands"

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In the three decades since its first recognition, AIDS has altered the way we live and love. Nearly 30 million people worldwide have died as a result of this disease. Stoked by lack of access to adequate health care, stigma, poverty and ignorance, the pandemic rages on in communities throughout our globe. Here in the United States, the pain and suffering caused by AIDS has been disproportionately felt by African Americans and Latinos.  Together, these two groups make up nearly two-thirds of the people living with the HIV virus in the U.S. today.

One of the ways that the Hispanic Federation and other health advocacy organizations have been trying to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS in affected and at-risk communities is through HIV testing. Testing helps people get informed, and allows those affected to protect their loved ones and access life-prolonging HIV treatments. Six years ago, the Federation partnered with the Latino Commission on AIDS and the New York State AIDS Institute to launch Latino HIV Testing Month (LHTM) during the month of July. The goal was and is to increase the availability and access to HIV testing in Latino communities throughout New York State. Last year, over 10,000 Latinos were tested as a result of this initiative. With your help, we’re hoping to increase those numbers this year. Please visit our LHTM website, www.latinohivtesting.org, to see how you can join the LHTM movement by getting tested now or by offering free HIV testing in July. Together, we can help turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in our communities.