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Health Tip: Look for Signs of Elder Abuse

Health Tip: Look for Signs of Elder Abuse

Photo: Look for Signs of Elder Abuse

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Possible symptoms of intentional harm or neglect

Many seniors are frail and unable to fully care for themselves. They are particularly vulnerable to intentional abuse or neglect, the U.S. Administration on Aging says.

The agency mentions these warning signs of elder abuse:

  * Any sign of physical harm, including bruises, fractures, burns or marks on the skin.
  * Sudden withdrawal, depression and reduced alertness, or other changes in behavior or personality.
  * Unexpected changes in financial status, which could indicate that the elderly person is being exploited.
  * Unexplained weight loss, bedsores or lack of personal hygiene.
  * Signs of being threatened or belittled.
  * Frequent arguing between caregiver and the elderly person, and signs of strain in the relationship.