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You and Your Health

Health Tip: Easy on the Holiday Buffets

Health Tip: Easy on the Holiday Buffets

Photo: Easy on the Holiday Buffets

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Some simple suggestions to limit calories

Too many holiday party buffet tables loaded with decadent treats can lead to overstuffed plates—and overstuffed pants.

The Cleveland Clinic offers these suggestions to limit your calorie intake when you hit the holiday buffet:

  * Fill a small plate with fresh veggies, taking care to limit or avoid buttery crackers, creamy spreads and dips, meat and cheese. Avoid seconds.
  * Skip sauces, or choose those that are vegetable- or broth-based instead of creamy sauces or gravies.
  * Stick to lighter desserts such as fruit, Jell-O, angel food cake or gingersnaps—if you have to have a decadent dessert, make it a very small serving.
  * Limit yourself to one to two drinks, and choose low-calorie drinks like wine or beer.
  * Choose calorie-free non-alcoholic drinks like unsweetened tea, coffee, hot tea or water.