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You and Your Health

Health Tip: Dine Out the Healthy Way

Health Tip: Dine Out the Healthy Way

Photo: Suggestions for eating right

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Suggestions for eating right

Decadent dishes and hefty portion sizes can be tempting at a restaurant, but you can enjoy your meal without derailing a healthy diet.

The American Dietetic Association suggests how to make healthy choices when dining out:

  * Opt for an entree salad or other healthy dish that includes something from each of the main food groups.
  * If choosing a sandwich, top it with fresh vegetables and low-fat condiments or salad dressings.
  * Choose healthy side dishes, such as a baked potato topped with vegetables, a side salad, or some fruit. Skip the fries.
  * Choose low-calorie dishes.
  * Eat only a portion of your meal, saving the rest for later.


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