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POLL DATA:  Kick the Orange Clown Out and Keep the Undocumented In


Polls may be the tool of main stream media or deemed fake news by low information voters but two polls this week seem to indicate that President Donald Trump is not a favorite among the future of America and that his immigration policies are at odds with the majority of American people.

A CNN/ORC poll sought the opinion of Americans on what should the President’s priority be around the issue of immigration. Trump, often through gaseous rhetoric, has made it clear it’s build the wall, figure out how to pay for it later and detain, deport and delight his devoted “deplorables.”

Much to the assumed chagrin of the President the poll indicates 60 percent of Americans want the U.S. government to develop a plan to allow undocumented immigrants who have jobs to become legal residents. Not surprisingly, 81 percent of Democrats are behind this idea versus 37 percent of Republicans.

There is, however, overwhelming support (90 percent) for legislation that creates a path to citizenship for the undocumented that have been in the U.S. for several years, are employed, speak English and are willing to pay back taxes. That type of legislation is not in the realm of possibilities currently with the nationalist movement embraced by the Trump administration.

Both sides of the political aisle agree in deporting criminal aliens and for many, criminal is not being defined by having driving violations or having violated immigration laws. 71 percent of Americans are not in favor of the round up, kick them out and ask questions later approach the Trump administration is utilizing.

At the same time a GenForward poll indicates little love for the current Commander-in-Chief by most young Americans aged 18-30-years-old. A majority of the future of America see Trump as illegitimate much like he sees undocumented as “illegitimate” contributors to the country. And nearly 75 percent of this demographic that are Black, Latino or Asian young adults don’t see the Donald as their president.

Not surprising young Americans do not approve (62 percent) of the job Trump is doing, that is when he is working and not at Mar-a-Lago, not going to Trumpite rallies, not promoting his daughter, not getting spied on my microwaves and when he is not scaring the living daylights out of our allies.

Many don’t expect Trump will be drinking a jar of his tears as a result of this poll but Trump does need to be reminded that by 2020, half of the
country’s children will be part of a minority.

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