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World’s Deadliest Assassin Carlos the Jackal Back In Court


Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, Venezuela’s deadliest export, is back in court facing another life sentence for his crimes as Carlos the Jackal.

The 67 -year-old terrorist-assassin who was lovingly given Lenin’s middle name at birth, was born into a family of avowed Marxist in the state of Tachira. He joined the Venezuelan Communist Party at age 10 and went to summer camp in Cuba learning guerrilla warfare. He was dubbed Carlos the Jackal in honor of a fictional assassin in a popular novel.

Currently, The Jackal is 20-years into one of his life sentences for being a serial assassin on behalf of the Palestinian people and communist causes during the 1970s and 1980s. Today, in a French courtroom he faces his third life sentence for killing two and injuring many others in a Paris arcade grenade bombing that occurred in 1974.The case languished for years due to lack of evidence.

The debonair killer, legally defended by his long time paramour Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, refers to himself as a “professional revolutionary” who has killed in the name of a higher cause, while others believe he is the CEO of a worldwide terrorist organization. Carlos the Jackal’s life is the stuff movies are made of and there have been several Hollywood takes on his life. The most notable was Carlos where Sanchez was played by actor Edgar Ramirez, a fellow Venezuelan.

At 24-years old he joined the Palestinian cause as a member ofthe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. His resume as an alleged “revolutionary”and evil force is unparalleled:

· 1974 assassination attempt on prominent Jewish retailer Joseph Edward Sieff.

· 1975 raid and bombing of OPEC offices in Vienna, 3 killed.

· 1976 Palestinian hijacking of French jetliner to Uganda.

· Four bomb attacks in Paris and Marseille in 1982 and 1983, killing 11.

· 1982 train bombing in Paris, killing 5.

· 1982 car bombing in Paris of anti-Syrian newspaper, 60 injured.

· 1983 train bombing in Paris, killing 3.

· Bombings have injured over 100 people.

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