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VIDEO:  Founding Fathers Diverse Descendants Prove the Unsustainability of Whiteness


Ancestry.com is celebrating the Fourth of July by telling us that our Founding Fathers who historically and lovingly have been hailed as all white men – have a diverse lineage of descendants. Someone needs to mention this to some Republicans and residents of 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue that embrace the unsustainability of whiteness or policies related to its supremacy.

The genomic brand helps people trace their genealogy and offers DNA testing. And through its very creative agency Droga5 is introducing us to 29 of the Founding Father’s descendants during this Fourth of July holiday.

We get to meet Thomas Jefferson’s grandson the Reverend W. Douglas Banks, an African American. Native American Jamie, 5th great grand-daughter of Benjamin Rush and there is even a Latina among the group.

Check out this great video put out by Ancestry that visually mimics the iconic painting by John Trumbull, created in 1817-1819, portraying the Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

The goal for this timely introduction according to Ancestry CMO Vineet Mehra is:

“We are just trying to show that through actual fact, through direct lineage, those founding fathers have left behind descendants that are so diverse, come from so many walks of life, that we hope that we can play a small role in shaping and showing America as it is today.”

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