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VIDEO: News Alert You Won’t Just Find “Always Low Prices” at Walmart but Also the Occasional Racist


Check out this Facebook video where a lovely white, working American feels the need to share how he is paying for all those lazy foreigners. And recommends everyone to go “to your own countries and fix up your own countries.” We assumed since he was shopping at Wal-Mart he had a couple extra pennies in his pocket to spend on “lazy foreigners”.

The victim of the white working American’s rant was an El Salvadoran immigrant that is a now a U.S. citizen and clearly employed. “Adela” who does not want to be identified noted that the frugal racist only wanted a white employee to help him shop. No one is sure if the gentleman (generous term of course) is a bargain shopper or one can of tuna away from being a hobo therefore rage-fueled.

Does it matter?

Has anyone told him that in order to avoid the riff-and-the-raff he should stay out of Wal-Mart all together?

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