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Nebraska is Last State to Give Driver’s Licenses to "Deferred Status"  Immigrants


Nebraska lawmakers recently voted 34-10 to override a veto from Governor Pete Ricketts banning driver’s licenses for young immigrants with “deferred” status.

With this vote, Nebraska becomes the last state in the nation to allow those eligible with “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) get driver’s licenses.

The federal DACA program, an executive action President Obama announced in 2012, gives undocumented youths a Social Security number, a two-year work permit, and protection from deportation.

“There are thousands of bright, young, educated immigrant youth in our state who are in need of a legal right to drive, and that’s what this bill is intended to do,” Senator Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha said.

The new bill, titled LB623 will allow immigrants the freedoms they need to get around and survive. Public transportation in smaller Nebraska towns is nearly non-existent, the Associated Press reported.

Dayana Lopez, a local immigrant in favor of the bill, said, “I’m very proud of how everybody came together in support of this and to make this possible. In a sense, it is kind of surreal.”

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