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Did You Know Mexico is Home to Most of the Tarantulas Species?


Yes, you probably thought it. Yes, you probably sensed it on your last trip to Mexico when you saw a large scary hairy spider crossed your path. But now its official Mexico is home to the most tarantula species in the world.

According to Rodrigo Orozco Torres, of the Tarantulas de Mexico Wildlife (UMA), Mexico has now surpassed Brazil with 66 tarantula species calling Mexico home. There are nearly 900 species of the world’s largest spider in existence.

It’s their size that unsettles most humans and the myth that their bites are lethal – they are not. Tarantulas on average are 5 inches long with a leg span of up to 11 inches. Its prey though should not ever let its guard down around tarantulas – they eat by liquefying the insides of a dead animal and then slurping up all the juices.

Tarantulas are now becoming popular house pets due to their 30 year longevity, hardiness and easy care. The large spider is also known for its “molting” process where it sheds and replaces its internal organs and regrow lost legs.

Mexican species like the Mexican pink are very popular since they are the largest of the species or the Mexican redknee that is known for its striking coloring.

Brazil may not relinquish is title as King of the Tarantula just yet. In 2012 researchers discovered 9 new species of tree-climbing tarantulas.

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