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Argentina Makes History by Granting Asylum to Persecuted Russian Gay Man


The Argentine government granted refugee status to a young Russian gay man who was attempting to escape persecution for being gay. The man was a victim of discrimination and violence because of his sexual orientation. This is an unprecedented action taken by Argentina that acknowledged the harassment suffered by the 28-year-old man and the lack of government protection for sexual minorities in Russia.

The young man, called "Gene" an assumed name given to protect his privacy, two years ago reached out to Argentine gay rights advocacy organizations to plead his case.

The ‘Federacion Argentina Lesbianas, and Gays’ (FALGBT) president Esteban Paulon said, "The difference between living in a society that persecutes the sexually diverse, wherein the state is complicit, and living in a country that is increasingly more egalitarian with a government that protects the rights of all, is a critical factor at the life-planning stage," adding, "We hope that starting with this first case, Argentina will be positioned as a refugee destination."

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