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Today in Latin American History:  Revolutionary Che Guevara Was Born


Today in 1928 Marxist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara was born in Rosario, Argentina. Though Guevara is most known for his role in the Cuban Revolution he was also a guerilla leader in other socialist movements throughout Latin America.

Guevera was born to an affluent family that afforded him many luxuries not known to the majority of Argentines. Nonetheless, Guevara always had an affinity for the less fortunate with clear political left leanings. Leanings that were cemented during his 1948 motorcycle ride through Latin America during a break from his university studies. The Motorcycle Diaries immortalized Guevara’s observation of the poverty, poor working conditions and oppression the majority of Latin Americans faced.

Guevara was a trained doctor, newspaper photographer and ultimately a fighter for the “poor and exploited.” It was not until he met the Castro brothers in Mexico that his political leanings met the right cause in his mind. As a member of the July 26 Movement, whose goal was to rid Cuba of its dictatorship, Guevara became one of the most iconic revolutionaries in the world.

The Marxist revolutionary died as he had lived in the cause of the oppressed. Guevara was captured and executed in 1967 fighting with other revolutionaries in the jungles of Bolivia.

Guevara has become one of the most iconic images equated with socialism and revolution, especially in Latin America.

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