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Today in Latin American History:  Antonio Aguilar ‘El Charo de Mexico’ Was Born


Antonio Aguilar was born on May 17, 1919 in Villanueva, Zacatecas (Mexico). A Taurus, Mars and Mercury were also in that Earth sign at his birth. Taurus expresses on the physical, sensual level. It is concerned with the material, with issues of worth and value, and with productivity. At 25 degrees of Taurus, the Sun was 2 degrees from Mars. This gave Aguilar great physical energy and initiative. Mercury, the planet of ideas, communicating and networking, was also in Taurus. This gave Aguilar a methodical approach to his career.

But his drive to “be Somebody” came from being born with Saturn in the Fire sign Leo. Saturn points up our weakness, which in Aguilar’s case was a strong need for recognition. Saturn often refers to one’s father. Perhaps it was his acknowledgment that Antonio needed. Saturn at 90 degrees to his Sun and Mars would challenge Aguilar to achieve great recognition. Mars, impulsive warrior energy, was at the midpoint of Aguilar’s Sun and Saturn. These 3 “planets” would focus his drive to make something of himself. Selling 25 million copies of his 150 recorded albums, and acting in 120 films, el Charro succeeded.

In 1950 the year he began his singing career, Antonio’s directed Sun at 25 Gemini made a 45 degree connection to Cupido, which symbolizes art and culture. The directed Sun was also on the midpoint of Aguilar’s Saturn (hard work & discipline) and Zeus (creative power). He brought these energies forth with a contract with Musart Records for whom he became one of its best-selling artists.

In 1970 when Aguilar won the Latin ACE Award for Best Actor in Emiliano Zapata, his directed Sun at 14 Cancer was 45 degrees from his Apollon at 29 Leo. Apollon is an energy even more positive than Jupiter.

When he sold out Madison Square Garden for 6 consecutive nights in 1997, the first Hispanic artist to do so, his directed Sun had come to his Cupido. Aguilar was recognized for bringing Mexico’s charreria to the world.

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