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New Research Indicates Chichen Itza Pyramid Served as Time Marker for Mayan Calendar  


The Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History recently confirmed that the main pyramid in the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza, located in the state of Yucatan, was built to serve as an astronomical marker that in turn made adjustments to the Mayan calendar.

Archaeologist Ismael Arturo Montero Garcia revealed in 2012 that the movement of the sun over the structure occurs on May 23 and July 19, appearing at dawn on the axis of the northeast corner of the Templo de las Mesas, the National Institute said in a statement. One year later when the phenomenon occurred again on July 19, 2013, Montero returned to calculate the alignment of the west stairs of the pyramid known as El Castillo, obtaining a figure that is outstanding from the standpoint of sacred astronomy.

The pyramid "points to the path with only one degree of deviation with regard to the entrance to the Holtun sinkhole, a site for offerings that is under study," Montero said. "What we have here is an astronomical observatory of notable precision in a natural environment."

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