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Ancient Royal Compound Unearthed in Mexico Thought to be Nearly 2,300 Years-Old


The Oaxaca Valley in Mexico has once again rendered insight into the Ancient cultures of the Americas.

Recently archaeologists unearthed a royal compound in the Palenque plaza of the Oaxaca Valley thought to be 2,300-years-old, and part of the ancient Zapotec civilization.

The archaeologists from the American Museum of Natural History believe the sophisticated complex could be “the earliest centralized government building in the Americas.” The palatial compound includes royal quarters, a rainwater collection system and buildings where official government business was conducted. The complex encompasses more than 20,000 square feet that includes a courtyard where it is believed human sacrifices occurred. The data derived from the excavation indicates that the palace complex was designed and built as a single construction indicating a powerful ruler lived and reined here with access to a lot of human labor.

The ancient palace complex existing during 300-100 BC is the oldest-known royal residence discovered in the Valley of Oaxaca thus far. The Valley, located in southern Mexico, was home to the ancient and highly evolved Zapotec civilization and then later to the Mixtec civilization. Archaeologists and researchers have been exploring the El Palenque site since 1993.

This significant discovery and related research has been published in ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’.

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