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Selena’s Final Hours Reenacted on “Murder Made Me Famous”


With an insatiable American appetite for (in)famous murder cases it was only a matter of time before the murder of Selena Quintinalla in 1995, at the age of 23, would get the cable TV spotlight.

Today on December 9, the Reelz Network’s wildly popular Murder Made me Famous turns its TV detective lens on the “Queen of Tejano” murder at the hands of her former employee Yolanda Saladivar. Reelz will recrate her death and events leading up to her murder in a Corpus Christi hotel on March 31, 1995. Most of the detectives who worked the case will be interviewed for the segment.

Murder Made Me Famous looks at “infamous killers and the crimes that gained them notoriety, featuring dramatic recreations and remarks from individuals connected to the cases.” Other infamous killers who have received the Reelz treatment are: Ted Bundy, Scott Peterson and Erik Menendez.

Media has figured out that everything Selena sells, thanks in great part to her loyal fans. Even though she died 22-years ago, homages to her memory still exist. There is her sold-out make-up line, annual musical festival and several weeks ago thousands turned out to welcome Selena’s star to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And yes even details on her sordid and tragic death are in demand. There was a book in 1997 Selena’s Secret: The Revealing Story Behind her Tragic Death,” which is being made into a mini-series.

Saladivar, now age 57, is serving a life sentence and will be eligible for parole in 2025. She has always claimed that the shooting was accidental and not in retaliation for being fired or accused of stealing from Selena.

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