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Salma Hayek Leads Efforts to Help Mexico Recover from Mother Nature’s Continuous Wrath


Mexican actress and activist Salma Hayek is leading efforts to collect funds to help Mexico recover/rebuild from a continuous deluge of natural disasters - the most recent being a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico City on Tuesday, killing over 200 and injuring 1,000.

While frantic rescue efforts are currently underway to find people buried in the rubble of collapsed buildings the Coatzacoalcos– born actress took to social media to announce her collaboration with UNICEF in collecting funds to help Mexico recover from this most recent natural disaster.

When the 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck, Mexico’s southern coastal area was just recovering from an 8.1 magnitude earthquake that had struck several days earlier.

HSN reported: Chiapas and Oaxaca took the brunt of the damage, with deaths reported in those states as well as in the nearby state of Tabasco,” and “hundreds of structures were destroyed or damaged in the affected areas leaving nearly 2 million people without electricity.” Less than two weeks ago Mexico faced the fury of Tropical Storm Lidia and Katia that left thousands homeless.

The 51-year-old actress is leading the fundraising efforts by setting up a campaign on CrowdRise with funds to benefit UNICEF’s efforts in Mexico. She led with a $100,000 donation while urging all her fans to donate. The campaign has collected over $250,000 in just one day.

Hayek noted: “The people of my country have now suffered three natural disasters in a row. Many children and families are hurt and in terrible need. I’m contributing $100,000 now to UNICEF which has teams on the ground responding. Please join me and contribute what you can and thank you. “

She is no stranger to the devastation of earthquakes in Mexico. In 1985 when Mexico suffered one of its most devastating earthquakes, registering at 8.0, Hayek lost many friends and her uncle.

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