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Jennifer Lopez too Busy Promoting A Rod to Promote Hoverboards


Jennifer Lopez either loves her freebies or she is showing typical signs of celebrity entitlement.

Apparently J Lo was given 42 customized hoverboards (you know the kind that blow up and torch your surroundings) to utilize in her Las Vegas residency show “All I Have” at Planet Hollywood, with the understanding Lopez would promote the product on social media.

Not sure who thought that J Lo would promote anything that doesn’t include her fave thing to promote: herself and her latest love-of-the-moment (wont’ include the name here because by the time this story goes live it could be someone else).

Lopez failed to promote Sidekick Group’s hoverboards and they decided to sue her. There are numerous manufacturers of these self-balancing scooters costing from $220 upward of $800. The Sidekick Group lawsuit claims they are out nearly $55,000 and therefore want to be compensated.

Lopez, for her part, has been too busy promoting the current flavor of the month: Alex Rodriguez and reassuring her fans and pueblo that she’s still desirable.

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