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Chronic Concert Canceller Selena Gomez Wants You to Forget Her, But Didn’t We Already Do That?


“I really just can’t wait for people to forget about me.” Selena Gomez - Vogue April, 2017 Issue

Is it fair to take one sentence, one phrase out of an entire Vogue magazine interview to highlight what is wrong with Selena Gomez.

No, not fair but we are going to go and do it anyway.

Look at it as the Latino community’s toll for the 24-year-old being one of the least engaged community members who only whips out her ½ Mexican-ness (given to her by her then teen-age dad Ricardo Gomez) when she’s selling something, talking about food or worse when she is trying to reverse her own extinction.

Please note, when we talk of Selena’s shortcomings we aren’t talking about her barely there vocal talent, her forgettable performances (think Spring Break, Princess Protection Program and Razzie Nominee for Worst Actress in Getaway ) or that she doesn’t speak Spanish or her pathological cuteness.

The issue is that with 112 Million Instagram followers (the most of any famous type) she has not ever bothered to act, try, pretend or care to be a Latino advocate of any kind. Not on issues of clean air, immigration, tortilla soup, or whatever.

Maybe Selena thought when she announced in 2012 her Spanish album was done and gifted us by never releasing it, that this would compensate for her neglect. Or that all was forgiven when she threw tortilla chip crumbs at her Spanish-speaking fans by doing a Pantene commercial in Spanish.

So when Gomez expresses her wish to be forgotten consider it done.

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